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What We Do

BFS is the central hub at the University of Bath for students interested in a career in the finance industry. We run a large number of events with sponsors and hosts a variety of skills sessions and interactive workshops. The society covers career-based events and advises on all areas of banking and finance.


Our main offering includes the successful Spring Week Club and Weekly Market Outlook. We also host career talks and skill workshops with partner firms and alumni who have experience in various areas of the sector. For this academic year, we are also aiming to organise subsidised trips to finance firms, finance conferences and competitions for members.

Reasons to Join Us
<p>Membership has been and will always be FREE.</p> <p> </p> <p>Our members come from ALL DEGREE DISCIPLINES, and we encourage you to join no matter what subject you study - as long as you have an interest in the finance industry.</p> <p> </p> <p>BFS is a large, diverse society with members from across the globe. The society has a high percentage of young members with 45% being 1<sup>st</sup> Year Students.</p> <p><br /> BFS is not a single-gender society and currently 36% of the members are female. This diversity is a very important attribute of the society and we strive to ensure that it is a place for anyone and everyone.</p>
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