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What We Do

¡Hola a todos y bienvenidos a La Sociedad Bath!

He aquí algunas de las propuestas que tenemos pensadas para este año:

  • Los mejores socials de Bath (+300 people). Spanish party, spanish music and international vibes. Incredible drink deals and discounted entry to clubs.
  • Conversation sessions every Monday. A way to your Spanish in a more informal environment.  
  • 'Essay exchange'. This is a simple concept. SPIMMLs/MLES students: Give your Spanish essay to a Spanish student and he will check it for you. In exchange, you will check his (in english).
  • Regular collaborations with other cultural societies. These include the infamous 'Student International Party' and the 'Football World Cup'.
  • Equipo de fútbol 6/sala para competir en la liga 'intramurals'.
  • Barcelona trip.
  • Cenas españolas (sabemos que echas de menos la comida).
  • Quedadas en pubs para ver 'El Clasico'.

¡Síguenos en facebook ( y no dudes en contactar con nosotros!

Queremos hacer esta sociedad mejor, y queremos que tú nos ayudes a conseguirlo. 

La Sociedad. Nuestra Sociedad. Tu Sociedad. 

Nos vemos pronto. 

Reasons to Join Us

Why wouldn't you? But if you still need convincing:

  • As a new society we don't get any funding so we rely on your memberships for everything we do.
  • Only by becoming a member can you enjoy discounted/free events that we have planned.
  • By becoming a member you can keep up to date with all our activities and have your say in what we do.
  • If you want to run for any of the committee positions this year or want to get involved ready for next year, you'll need to be a member.

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