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2023-24 Blues Awards

Check out the 2024 winners page for an overview of the different blues awards, the winners and why they won. 

About Blues awards and what they represent. For those of you just starting your University journey make sure you keep a record of your fixtures during your time here at Bath so when the time comes you are ready to complete the application.

The Blues Awards is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all that sport has had to offer throughout the year at the University of Bath.

The Blues Awards ceremony is the annual celebration of student sport, organised by The SU Bath. Recipients receive certificates awarded by the University of Bath, providing evidence of dedication and ability to balance sporting commitments alongside their studies. Skills that are fondly looked upon by future employers.

The awards recognise outstanding performance and contribution to student sport here at Bath. We celebrate the sporting achievements of over a hundred and fifty students each year, recognising their hard work and dedication to their sport, club, and university.

Blues include accolades to recognise as many of our sporting population as possible so please do take a look at the awards on offer as many of you will meet the criteria outlined below and you should consider applying in future years.

NB. The criteria below is for the 2024 awards ceremony and is subject to change each year. New criteria will be published in January so come back and check this page out in the new year.

Please click here to view the criteria for applications.

2025 Blues Awards

Nominations will reopen in January 2025 for our 2025 awards ceremony. 

Please make sure come back and check this page out January 2025.

Blues Awards FAQs

I want to put myself forward for an award, does someone else need to submit the application of my behalf?

Anyone can submit an application for themselves. You do not need to be nominated by somebody else.

I cannot remember all the fixtures I have played in.

Go to BUCS Play BUCS Play - (playwaze.com) to see the full list of fixtures from this year and previous years.

There is some info I haven’t filled in on the application form but I have already submitted my form?

Any forms that are submitted incomplete may result in rejection by the Blues Committee with no opportunity to appeal, with the Committees decision being final. So please read the criteria carefully before submitting your nomination. You can complete a new form if you have submitted before the form was completed.

Nominations have closed, can I still submit an application?

We do not accept any applications after the deadline.

I have a question that isn’t answered here what should I do?

Any queries regarding any of the awards please contact the Blues staff team by emailing blues@bath.ac.uk and allow plenty of time prior to the deadline to raise any questions. We will not be able to extend the deadline under any circumstances. Note staff do not work weekends so will not be available for queries over this period.

Are you including a covid year in your application? Further information is listed below about how to record covid years to ensure you can still meet the criteria.

When completing the form for Ribbon, Colour, Half Blue and Full Blue please note the section where you must add in fixtures/competition details. In order to complete this section and include the Covid year as part of your application please follow the below instructions:

- For those of you that were lucky enough to have taken part in some fixtures/competitions during the Covid year please add in the details as you would for all other years.

- If even with the above fixtures/competitions attended you still haven’t met the criteria and were unable to due to Covid cancelling the other parts of your season. Please do still follow instructions in point above for any you did attend and then please also follow the instructions in the point below for the fixtures/competitions you didn’t get to attend.

- If you have been unable to take part in any fixtures/competitions in the covid year please include just one line in the fixture/competition details:

  • select the 2020-21 year
  • select any date from the year
  • select the team you believe you would have played for
  • in opposition/event detail box include the league you would have entered or the event(s) you would have attended in relation to the criteria
  • Played? Select No
  • Reason? Type Covid
  • In Box underneath named ‘Additional fixtures and injury/absence information’ please provide any other info regarding you missing out due to covid, ie. ‘No league games played at all due to BUCS cancelling season, but I would have anticipated selection for each game.’ (more info the better in this box!)

Here is a look back at the 2023 ceremony:


2024 Blues Awards