Varsity 2022

Join us on Wednesday 6 April when we welcome Cardiff Met to Bath for our annual Varsity to see if we can make it five Varsity wins out of five.

This year sees us take on our welsh visitors in 17 fixtures across 11 sports, you won’t want to miss any of the action.



You will need to buy a wristband to attend this event.

Wristbands cost £5 and give you entry to the event as a spectator. Alternatively, you can buy a Merchandise bundle that includes your wristband, blue Varsity 2022 t-shirt, and a Varsity pint cup to use at the bar. Bundles cost £13. Choose the bundle which includes your correct t-shirt size. 

Students can buy up to 5 wristbands including merchandise bundles. Family and friends are welcome to attend this event but all wristbands and merchandise will need to be bought by current students and collected using the purchasers library card before the event.

If you are an athlete participating in Varsity you do not need to buy a wristband. You can purchase a merchandise bundle without the wristband below. Please choose your t-shirt size during checkout. 

Tickets for this event are non-refundable.

There are no available products in this catalogue.


The SU is working hard to make our events more sustainable. Varsity t-shirts are 100% organic cotton and produced by Anthem who support sustainable practises and workers rights. By using reusable cups we will save over 10,000 disposable plastic cups, and you can keep our branded Varsity cup as a souvenir. We will have foam hands for sale on the day which come from a carbon neutral supplier.



Time Sport Venue
12:00 Women's Hockey Astro 2, STV
12:00 Women's Lacrosse 8's Astro 1, STV
12:00 Men's Waterpolo 50m Pool, STV
12:00 Weightlifting Jumps and Throws, STV
12:30 Women's Volleyball Sports Hall, STV
12:30 Wheelchair Basketball Founders Sports Hall, 1-4
13:00 Men's Tennis Indoor Tennis Courts, STV
13:00 Women's Tennis Indoor Tennis Courts, STV
13:30 Women's Waterpolo 50m Pool, STV
13:30 Men's Hockey Astro 2, STV
14:15 Women's Basketball Founders Sports Hall 1-4
14:15 Men's Rugby Rugby 1, STV
14:30 Men's Volleyball Sports Hall, STV
16:00 Men's Basketball Founders Sports Hall 1-4
16:00 Women's Rugby Rugby 1, STV
17:00 Women's Netball Sports Hall, STV
17:30 Men's Football Infield, STV