The first Sport Management society at a UK university.


Our Committee


Nico Vallone

Vasilii Iaroshenko


Riccardo Munari

Commitee Members

Alexander Kapsi - Social Secretary

Alessandro Corbo - Football Social Coordinator

Ines Schmid Lopez - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

Tarek Ismali - Social Media Manager

Ella Barney - General Commitee Member

Javier Rodriguez Diez - General Commitee Member


What we do

We are a brand new society, and our mission is to increase awareness and engagement in Sport Management at the University of Bath. We will have monthly guest speakers during the academic year, employability events, socials and regular football sessions/tournaments. If you hold interests in the world of sport or business, this society will provide you with credible information to assist with your career.

Reasons to join us

Once you join our society, you will have access to our wide range of talks from excellent external speakers from the Sport Management industry. Moreover, you will also increase your employability prospects and create more connections leading to a more extensive social network in the industry. Therefore, we encourage people from all courses to join. Moreover, we aim to organise an annual trip to the capital of Sport Management, Lausanne, inclusive of entry to a Sport Management job fair. Furthermore, organised employability skills sessions for our society members.

How to join us

Add our society membership to your basket and checkout. This will be free as long as you have the Societies Area Membership, which allows you to join one, multiple, or all Bath University societies. The Societies Area Membership costs £3. Our society has no extra costs. Thank you for joining!

What’s on

Every Month: A guest speaker from the world of Sport & its Management

Every Week: Football sessions & Off-campus socials

New members are welcome at all times at any of our various sessions. Furthermore, our society upholds the University of Bath Student Union’s values and behaviours framework. We are against any form of discrimination towards members and non-members of the society. We aim to have a fun and enjoyable time while learning about all the different aspects of Sport Management.

Our Logo

Our logo was made using Procreate, a digital painting app. Since the Bath University logo is a gorgon head, we wanted to keep the ancient Greek/mythical theme going. Therefore, we chose Hermes as he is the God of games and athletes, who in myth was said to have invented wrestling and racing.

Our social media

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