Viktor Toshev

Activities Officer (He/him)

Hi Everyone,

My name is Viktor and I am your Activities Officer. I recently graduated with a BSc in Management, and which included a placement working in Procurement for GSK in London, which I absolutely adored. I am originally from Bulgaria, but l lived in France for five years, so it goes without saying that I enjoy a glass (or two) of French wine.

During my time in Bath, I was involved in numerous extracurricular activities provided by the SU which allowed me to recognise the impact societies have in reducing stress, developing new skills, and ensuring that students have a fun and enjoyable time at university.

My hobbies outside of work include cooking and mixing cocktails, as well as travelling and exploring different cultures and cuisines. I enjoy playing volleyball, watching F1 and football, therefore I'm always up for talking about past races, games, or transfer rumours.

Regarding my responsibility, I want to lobby the university toward meeting its sustainability objectives and provide better food options on campus. I know there are still many students who are hesitant to join societies. Therefore, I want to encourage and make it easier for students to join a society and/or volunteer groups, as those groups made my university life feel more balanced. Lastly, I want to improve the relationship between the SU International Exec and Cultural and Faith Societies, SU Hall Reps and Departmental Societies, and these societies run larger events for their members.

There are many exciting new things in store for the next Academic year, so stay tuned to my SU blog and newsletters. If you are searching for support, have a query, or need a chat with a SU representative, feel free to contact me through Email or Facebook!

My Manifesto