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Francesco Masala

I look after our societies, Enterprise groups, and the services we offer to help with your personal development. I'm also responsible for our ethical and environmental campaigning.

Manifesto points

I’ll work over summer to create short, fun video guides on all things SU, so that you will find it easy to get involved, rather than overwhelmed!

What have I been up to?

  • The Skills and Development department are now developing a new series of training modules, both online and face-to-face, to make sure you are fully trained and equipped to volunteer for your SU!
  • With the Societies Reform Package being passed, we will get things going and improve the website's role resources so that you, committees, will be more equipped to run your groups.

Improve communication between the Activities Office and you via weekly drop-in hours, and by establishing clear timelines for procedures, support, and emails.

What have I been up to?

  • I have started organising flash meetings with committees on a regular basis - I am planning to make them more regular so that more societies can benefit from it

Got nothing to do? Having trouble finding what’s going on? I will work over summer with the Web Team to create an “I’m bored” button on so that you can easily find the events that you want, based on your interests.


Lobby to ensure Faith Groups have a space on campus where they can organise cultural events for their members


Change the structure of General Meetings to make them more interactive, fun and productive.

How have we achieved this? 

  • We realised that the old structure of the General Meetings was not effective to run our groups 
  • We split the General Meetings into the five different areas to encourage more discussion and development among committees 
  • Feedback about this from committees has been mostly positive and will be tested in the first round of area GMs in November

Encourage and incentivise inter-group events, empowering students outside of committees to lead projects and events, and showcasing this at the Activities Awards.

What's going on? 

  • Best collaborational event will be an award at the SU Awards 2020
  • Plans for Refresh Week 2020 will be mostly based on collaboration among societies

Improve the relationship between the SU, its Groups and the Edge. 

How did it happen? 

  • Regular meetings were set up as soon as I took office, and are still happening now. 
  • After a summer of negotiations, the ticketing system went back to the Edge, thus easing off a lot of workload from committee members
  • Student shows again began being advertised on, thus increasing the outreach of our groups 
  • SU and University Finance worked throughout this process to ensure show incomes are to be transferred quickly and smoothly to SU accounts.

Working with Enactus to aid and develop their project of a sustainable, local fruit & veg shipping to the university.

How is this being achieved? 

  • Enactus members and I have had an initial meeting to talk about this 
  • Students are taking the lead at this moment in ensuring this project can come to life.

Organising a large-scale end-of-year swap-shop to avoid clothes and other objects being thrown away 

How are we doing on this? 

  • An initial meeting has happened with the Edge, were the Swap Shop would ideally be located. 
  • A group of students has been gathered and the idea has been run by them - further planning to be organised.

Incentivising students to bring forward proposals for environmental campaigns

How did this happen? 

  • A working group made up of students has been created to collaboratively write a paper to be presented to the University, in relation to the SU's Top Ten. 
  • This group, rather than being task-and-finish, will continue working throughout the year to prioritise students' environmental priorities.
  • After the first SUmmit on the Climate Emergency, I have worked on a SUmmit Action Plan and have started working on what you want to see done for our SU to become more sustainable

Increasing collaboration with inter-university sustainability networks to facilitate the exchange of projects on how we can make our SU more sustainable.

What's been cooking? 

  • I am currently looking at the criteria we need to complete the NUS Green Impact Award
  • The SU will take part to the Green Impact Recognition 
  • I am now working on an SU Environmental Policy

Lobbying to increase the number of water fountains across campus 

How are we doing? 

  • I have had multiple meetings with staff members in the department of Estates and Accommodation
  • A staff member within Estates is now chasing information about how we can make this happen. 
  • The SU has began to work to install a water fountain in the SU Building
  • I am working with students to present a paper to CSSU to increase the provision of water fountains in key areas of campus
  • The paper was presented at CSSU and the recommendations were warmly welcomed

Most people are unaware the Student Employee Awards exist. I will increase their visibility and prestige, and include them in the Activities Awards.


I’ll increase outreach and collaboration between Societies and Enterprise Groups, and working to establish clear guidelines on how the SU can support them.

What are the updates? 

  • Currently working with Bath Entrepreneurs to ensure the transition from Enterprise to Societies is easier and that they do get the suppor they need.

Beyond the Manifesto

Work to restructure the Societies Tier System


Ensure that societies, and particularly Faith & Cultural ones, are adequately represented within the SU regardless of arbitrary membership thresholds and overall caps.


Ensure the SU is adequately represented in the University's Climate Action Framework


Review the reward systems for students who SU Societies, recognising all the effort and the work that they do


Overhaul current handover practices to make them more suitable, less daunting, and more helpful for student committees across the SU.


Overhaul the current Societies Executive structure to make it more efficient, viable, effective, and useful for students. 


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