David Lam

Activities Officer (He/him)

Hello everyone! My name’s David and I’m your new activities officer for the upcoming year.

I am graduating with a BSc in Health and Exercise Science, which involved a placement in Madrid being a PE teacher for SEK El Castillo, which was a literal dream for me.

I love travelling and seeing the cultures of different countries especially their food. My favourite places have been Madrid and New York City. I love how diverse the Bath community is and how Bath can become a home away from home.

I feel like I have only had the proper university experience in my final year, but I have made the most of it! I am involved with ABACUS, Volleyball and have even taken up Spanish all this on top of my final year dissertation. I want everyone to have the experience I have had because extracurricular activities are just as important as studying!

I’ve got many ideas for things I want to do this year, but I want to hear all your ideas too. So please do not hesitate to message me or to visit me in the Edge, where I will be a lot of time.

My Manifesto