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Tom Sawko

I look after all of the sports clubs and their committees including training, club development and finances. I oversee the SU’s recreational and social sport activities, events such as Snowball and Varsity, coaching qualifications for committees and volunteer recognition.

Manifesto points

Recreational participation

  • Not found your sport yet? No worries! I will set up regular ‘speed dating’- style sports events where you can get involved in loads of different sports in 15 minute intervals!

The pilot of speed dating for sport was hugely successful, with over 100 members coming to the indoor and outdoor sessions! Since then, many of them have got involved with the clubs at Bath Active and recreational sessions! Now I'm looking to ensure we can make this a sustainable event! 

Volunteer recognition

  • Committee members- I will ensure a better reward system for club members who are driving positive change in their club, in the form of monthly awards.
  • Coaches- I will set up a mentorship scheme to train, qualify and reward volunteer coaches. This will result in a more sustainable year-to-year coaching structure for clubs that struggle to find coaching staff.

The volunteer of the week has been set up, regularly rewarding our volunteers, and ensuring that we shout about our amazing volunteers frequently! Myself and Ryan have sent a survey, to better understand how we can ensure the Volunteer recognition awards are as beneficial as possible! 

I'm currently working on setting up a coaching mentorship scheme pack, giving clubs the tools to ensure more sustainable student coaching, to be released for handovers this year!


  • I will work to ensure earlier targets are set for the inclusivity award. This will ensure proactive marketing to underrepresented groups at the beginning of each semester.

The earlier start date for the inclusivity award was successful. This, as well as a new structure to the scheme has made the award simpler, and has meant that the mentoring quality is better.

Performance Sport

  • Current facility allocations mean that a saturation is being reached for many BUCS teams. I will work to ensure our sports facilities are opened to the public later on Wednesdays to allow for more BUCS fixtures, and hence, more BUCS teams. 

This has been a source of a lot of frustration unfortunately, with a lot of relationships with partners of the sports department risked by a move like this. The new 3G training strip and future 3G pitch developments could alleviate the burden for our grass-based sports, and I will continue to push for better timings for our other fixtures.

Educating athletes

  • By utilising the expertise of the Department of Health, we can educate everyone involved in SU sport on how to get more from their sporting lives! Whether pre-game warmups or post-workout nutrition, let’s ask the experts!

In early semester 2, we hosted We The Active, a 2-day event, covering a huge variety of topics to help enhance and inspire involvement in physical activities. The workshops ranged from Powerlifting to Diaphragmatic breathing, and from Nutrition to injury prevention. We had more than 200 attending over all sessions. thanks to all who came! 


  • Linking with schools around Bath - I will work with clubs to help them form relationships with local schools, coaching their students in return for their facility spaces.
  • Earlier opening times - I will ensure the STV opens all facilities at their in-week opening time of 6am, to maximise the time over which they can be used.
  • Buses - I will work with First to ensure the demands are met for 6am and 7am sessions.

Despite contact with several nearby schools, none have come forward regarding this initiative.

The STV have highlighted that many more early-shift staff would be needed to ensure facilities could be opened at these earlier times. This, along with budget cuts from the university means that the STV are unable to ensure earlier opening times of these facilities. Keep your sleep ;)

First have been frustrating to work with, despite survey results sent in summer. I'm bringing this to them again for the new bus schedule.

The #BlueAndGold spirit

  • Come and support- Each week, we will have a ‘Sport Showcase’, choosing one sport and running a huge event with music, freebies and media coverage to improve spectator engagement.
  • Alumni Varsity - A weekend-long event, hosting our alumni for a massive showdown. Graduation shouldn't be the end of university life!

The sporting showcase is now up and running, putting all the ingredients for a fantastic event into the hands of our clubs!   

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