Who we are

Vannakum! The Bath Tamil society is a welcoming society that aim for its members to embrace Tamil culture and make lifelong friendships. By uniting students, we provide a platform to participate and celebrate the Tamil traditions that exist across the world. This society is not just inclusive to Tamil speaking students, as it is also targeted at anyone who wants to learn our diverse South Asian culture. 

Tamil is the oldest spoken language in the world dating back to 300BC and it comes with its rich traditions and vibrant festivals. We want to encourage students to showcase their heritage by exploring all the many traditions which exist within the Tamilan Culture.

We'll be engaging and collaborating with other University's TSocs's to organise bigger and better events for you all!

Our plans for the year

Get ready for this year! We have so much planned for you all already, we can't wait to meet you guys ASAP !

We'll start off the year by meeting most of you at the SU's famous freshers Groups fair where we'll be waiting for you all with some snacks in the Founders' hall on the 3rd of October 2022, then we'll get going for the year with our meet and greet games night followed by regular pub socials, bowling, ice skating, mini-golf, club nights, movie nights, you name it, some accompanied with a wonderful range of traditional Tamil food such as dosa, mutton rolls and kesari!

There are going to be weekly Gaana sessions to keep up our stamina so no one's out of touch when we go back home to our parties and wedding dances. We'll also have a weekly football session during the weekends, these are definetely great opportunity to make friends and unwind from school stress.

Working alongside some of our friends in the other South Asian societies we'll bring you an amazing Diwali Ball (for the Festival of Lights) experience this autumn too! We can't forget about our Thai Pongal (Tamil Harvest Festival) in January, and Tamil new year in Spring, overall a thousand opportunities for us to fill our home away from home with beautiful memories and new friendships.

Make sure you sign up and become a member of our Tamil family so that you can enjoy all these events with us :)

Don't hesitate to message us on instagram if you have any doubts, we're here to help !!! 




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