One TEDx Conference.

One TEDx Conference.

3 roles.

Speaker, Judge, Specialist.

Deadline to apply: Monday, 23rd October

The 23/24 Year Schedule

Oct 8th         Taster Session
Oct 15th        Training + Social
Nov 4th         Closed Auditions
Nov 12th        Open Auditions

Feb 18th        TEDxBathUniversity Conference

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3 ways to get involved

1. Become a TEDx Speaker

  • Anyone can apply
  • The only thing you need is an idea or a story
  • Benefits: sharing it to a live audience (and a much bigger one on youtube)
    Link to apply:

 2. Become a Specialist

  • We currently have 6 people on committee
  • Each one needs a team of specialists
  • Benefits: directly involved organizing the conference + road to become committee next year.
    Link to apply:

 3. Become a Judge

  • Sit at the other side of the stage
  • Judge at the closed and the open auditions
  • Benefits: have a say in which 4 students become speakers + free entry to all events
    Link to apply:

...or simply be a spectator and discover powerful stories being unveiled right in front of your eyes.

Historical Archives

Top 3 most viewed TEDxBathUniversity Talks:

  1. How to Read a Book a Day (Jordan Harry)
  2. Every Argument Against Veganism (Ed Winters)
  3. Volunteer your way around the World (Rob Ormerod)

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