Sandy Li

Alexandru Dobromir

Prathamesh Toraskar

Role Chair* Vice-Chair Secretary*
Course Economics, final year Psychology, 3rd year Aerospace Eng, 3rd year
Passionate about Sharing new ideas and starting a discussion People & their development STEM and starting conversations about important issues
Favourite TED talk Inside the mind of a master procrastinator - Tim Urban The surprising habbits of original thinkers - Adam Grant How to make stress your friend - Kelly McGonigal

Sohail Mulani

Anna Lou Bardon Catineau

Tanya Bhardwaj

Role Treasurer* and Marketing* Events Manager Marketing Manager
Course Aerospace Eng, 3rd year International Management with Spanish, final year Management with Marketing, 2nd Year
Passionate about Learning new perspectives, creating meaningful networks and promoting discussions.  Debating, generating new ideas & I am inspired by impactful talks Creative writing, exploring new ideas and working with amazing people to bring productive change.
Favourite TED talk Hans Rosling, Global population growth, box by box Why we do what we do - Tony Robbins