Citizen Assemblies

Coming up with solutions for the big problems through collective intelligence.

What is a Citizens Assembly?

Citizens Assemblies are an opportunity for us to come together to discuss big problems and collectively come up with solutions, working together to improve the student experience and the world around us.

They are different to our engagement activities and other meetings as Citizens Assemblies are much more focused on solution generation and offer the opportunity for us to continue to work together on the solutions after the Assembly.

Who can attend a Citizens Assembly?

Any student at the University of Bath can attend a Citizens Assembly.  Depending on the topic key Student Groups may be specifically invited but if you're passionate about the topic we want to see you there sharing your ideas.

When's the next Citizens Assembly?

The SU is currently looking at potential dates and topics for Citizens Assemblies in 2022-23.

What about previous Citizens Assemblies?

Our Citizens Assembly in 2021/22 took place on Monday 22 November on the topic of Sustainability.  

In 2019/20 The SU ran two Citizens Assemblies under the name of SUmmit (we liked the name so much that we've adopted it for our new decision making group made up of student representatives across all areas of the SU, find out more).

The two topics covered in 2019/20 were Climate Change and Mental Health.