Current and Future Opportunities

The SU conducts a number of research projects throughout the year, in addition to these there are regular forums and other opportunities for you to give your opinion.

Current Opportunities

SU Student Life Pulse Survey

Opportunity open: October 2022

Opportunity close: June 2023

Opportunity:  The Student Life Survey is a monthly survey which runs from October to June each year with every registered student at the University of Bath invited to complete the survey once. We select a random sample of students to take part in the survey each month which forms a representative sample of the student population. The survey is a mix of questions about your experience of The SU as well as questions about the big issues impacting students as the year progresses. Look out for your invite.


Coming up

Inside the Postgraduate Student Experience

Opportunity open: November 2022-23

Opportunity close: November 2022-23

Opportunity:  In 2015/16 The SU ran a successful Inside the Postgraduate Student Experience research project, pulling together existing feedback from a range of resources and identifying a number of key topics to explore in more detail through focus groups and structured interviews.  We have plans to re-do this piece of research with Postgraduate Taught and Doctoral students.  Watch this space for more information of how to get involved.


Be Well Survey

Opportunity open: 25 October 2022

Opportunity close: 22 November 2022

Opportunity:  The SU and the University jointly survey students about their mental health and wellbeing every year. This anonymous survey enables us to track prevalence of students' concerns with mental health and identifies areas of development and interventions to put in place to support students. All registered students at the University of Bath will be invited to complete the survey.