International Women's Month

This March, join us for a month of fundraising and awareness raising for 3 incredible, female-orientated charities. 

Whether you choose to do one of the charity challenges, organise a fundraising event or simply attend one of our amazing Week of Women events, there are so many ways you can get involved!

Note: all funds raised for this month will be divided equally between the three charities. You do not choose one of the charities to fundraise for.


The Charities 

The three wonderful charities being supported by our International Women's Month are Maddy's Mark, Coppafeel! and Voices.

Maddy's Mark was established to remember Maddy Lawrence (a local student) who passed away at just 20 years old from sepsis following a rugby injury. The funds raised go towards promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in young girls through the sport of rugby.

Coppafeel! are a breast cancer awareness charity who speak to young people in their natural habit. From festivals to shower cubicles. to university campuses, they will be there to talk boobs and affecr real behaviour change. 

Voices work together with people who have been affected by domestic abuse and work to promote recovery. Their aim is to help families to recover and thrive.


The Challenges

It couldn't be easier to get involved with International Women's Month - all you need to do is choose one of our wonderful challenges to take part in!
Please note that regardless of which challenge you choose, you will be fundraising for all three charities and funds raised will be donated equally.

   Move for Maddy

Move 104km throughout March. Monday 25 March will mark 104 weeks since local student, Maddy Lawrence, passed away. Why not help to remember her by running, walking, cycling or swimming 104km throughout March. Or get creative with it and do 104 squats, burpees, crunches or more per day! Create a fundraising page here to start fundraising now.

  Boob Bingo

Complete as many of the mini challenges as you can throughout March. If you want to get involved but struggle with timing commitments, then Boob Bingo is perfect for you! Whether you aim for one line or a full house, you can complete these fun mini challenges in your own time to fit your schedule and resources. You can even collect donations alongside for taking on the Boob Bingo to really maximise your fundraising - create your fundraising page here to sign up and get started. View the Boob Bingo sheet here.


An unknown location. 100 miles from Bath. No money. Can you make it home before midnight? In your teams of 2 you will be driven in a blacked out coach to an undisclosed location and stranded 100 miles from campus. You will then have to use your resilience, teamwork and powers of persuasion to get your way back to campus before midnight without using any money. With fun challenges to complete along the way for extra points and of course extra fundraising to do along the way, will you make it back? Find out more information and sign up here.




Week of Women (WOW!)

From the 18th-24th March we are hosting a Week Of Women in which there will be loads of great events for you to get involved with to further celebrate women! From a Colour Run to a Boob Ball tournament, to a 'Calm Your Tits Friday' and a 'On Wednesday's We Wear Pink' themed Score - the amount of events you can get involved with is endless!!

Sports Training Fundraising Day!

Boobs n Booze - A Life-Model Painting Workshop
Yoga Session
V Kind Badge-making 

'On Wednesday's We Wear Pink' Score

Barbie Film Night
Barbie-themed Cocktail Night

Calm Your Tits Friday (A Feel Good Friday Special) 
Boob Ball Tournament

FREEDOM! Challenge

Colour Run


Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with International Women's Month as both an individual or a student group:

Take part in one of the 3 charities challenges

Organise a fundraising event - let your imagine go wild with this one! But remember to complete an Event Planner so we know what you're doing.

Host a women's only session - this is great for sports clubs especially. If your sport is particularly male domainted, why not do a one-off female only session. You could even charge £1 to add a fundraisng element.

Attend one of our amazing International Women's Month events!