What is Windsurfing and Bath Windsurfing?


Windsurfing is a water sport that essentially combines surfing with sailing. The balance of turning a board with the exhilaration of harnessing the untapped power of the wind.

Sounds complicated? The good news is that windsurfing boards and sails come in literally EVERY size. This means you can mix and match to your skill level to create the stability of an aircraft carrier with the power of a handkerchief in the wind, or a needle of a board with the power of a small rocket and everything in between.

Bath Windsurfing

We are an extreme sport with low costs, low commitment, low stress and huge opportunities. We exist to deliver windsurfing for all abilities and interests. We pride ourselves in the opportunity for students to progress through the sport from complete beginner to an advanced and competent windsurfer completely through the activities we provide; and without having to buy any kit, which tends to be very expensive. The only expenses are minimal transport costs and the cost of tickets to events throughout the year, which tend to be about £20-25 for a weekend which is an absolute bargain for what you get as we explain in other sections.


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