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            Bath Windsurfing welcomes everyone from those who have never seen a windsurf board before, those who are improving their skills on sinky, tippy dagger-boardlessy boards, those who want to race, those who want wavy parties, those who want wavy waves, those freestylers and those mad storm chasers. 

Make sure you join our 2018/2019 facebook group to hear about and get involved with events and socials.

We want you!

Learn from Beginner to Advanced without buying ANY kit

Lake Trips (Fish and Chips enroute back home)

Free Instruction

Free Kit Use


44% Female 56% Male membership

Intermediate and Advanced trips to Weymouth on brand new 2018/2019 kit

Advanced trips to Weymouth (or wherever the wind is)

Own Sailing


Wave Sailing

Massive Windsurfing Weekends with UK Universities

            We run lake trips every week for anyone who wants to come and of any ability. We provide free instruction from our team of RYA qualified instructors and our very own Sarah Jackson (who competes internationally in the PWA) for complete beginners through to advanced forward loopers. Use our range of kit from beginner to intermediate…

          …and new for this year we are running trips to Weymouth for intermediate sailors. The OTC are providing us with brand new 2018/2019 kit when we go down, so you can really push your progression after you have learnt the basics at the Lake with us.

            Also new for this year, we have bought brand new 5.4. winter wetsuits to keep you all toastie warm in the ‘cool’ winter months.


            Make sure to join our 2018/2019 facebook group to hear about and get involved with events and socials; like our facebook page and follow us on instagram to see what we're up to!

Don't hesitate to pop us a message if you have any questions about the club.

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Student Windsurfing Association


            The Student Windsurfing Organisation helps co-ordinate all UK student windsurfing and run 3 ‘Core’ events, 3 ‘Wave’ events, Aussie Kiss (AK) and BUCS Nationals each year.

            Aussie Kiss is the biggest event of the year (19-21 October 2018) with over 300 people expected to be going, this is an amazing opportunity to windsurf, socialise and party with other Universities, by which time you will have been to several Lake sessions or it can be your first time windsurfing, no prior experience is required. During the day there is ‘free sailing’, windsurfing ‘clinics’ to improve your skills, more beginner tuition, racing and freestyle competitions. In the evening Fancy Dress and big parties surrounded by fellow windsurfers.

We are all going!

            The core events are essentially a slightly smaller Aussie Kiss, where again we windsurf, socialise and party far and wide outside of Bath at host Universities. Tickets include warm houses, entry to clubs both nights, windsurfing (same setup as AK) and unofficial local knowledge of the must-go-to post club eatery establishments.

            The ‘Wave’ series is a smaller and tight knit event more focussed on windsurfing and chilling out rather than heavy partying, with especially tight competition.

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