The Architecture and Civil Engineering Society

The Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE) Society is a large society at the University of Bath.  Open to every student at the university, the society focusses on fun and engaging events that give you an opportunity to make friends and progress your career. 

Over recent years ACE Society has grown to be a respected and influential society at the University of Bath, with nearly every student studying architecture or civil engineering choosing to join.  The society is extremely active, with some of the best events and socials on campus! 

ACE Society has close relationships with some of the most prominent companies in our industry. This results in the society being in a unique position when it comes to providing members with the most interesting and insightful company presentations and events. Throughout the year we will be holding educational presentations and tutorials from some of the industry’s best! 

Not only does the society provide educational experiences, but it provides some of the best socials and friendship opportunities. Since most members will be on your course, the society provides a unique opportunity to make lifelong friends with course mates and have some of the best times of your Uni life! 

As soon as the year starts in October, we will be kicking things off with the Uni's biggest BBQ! This is a fantastic opportunity to meet people on your course and relax whilst making friends.  Following this, we will have regular nights out (including a trip to Bristol) and social activities. For example, we'll be off to both the mini golf and ice skating in town.

If that's not enough then every year we also host one of the University’s biggest Christmas Ball! So grab your suit or dress and join us celebrating the end of the semester in style! It'll be a three course meal with a drink and night of entertainment. 

It costs just £5 to join the society for a year and we guarantee that this will give you discounted entry to all our events! In fact, even by coming to just one or two of our events you will save the £5!

So join us and have an amazing time!

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If you have any questions or want to know more, then please get in touch with us! Our committee are very friendly and approachable and always up for a chat. 

Alternatively, feel free to contact the committee via our email or facebook page.

We will make sure you get an answer within 24 hours.

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Meet the Committee!


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