Events coming this semester: Picnic Social, Lectures, Ice Skating and ACE Xmas Ball

Welcome Social

The Welcome Social is always a massive amount of fun every year This is a brilliant opportunity to make or catch up with friends. They'll be loads of great food and drink and lots of laughs. It is just £5 for members,

We will be announcing tickets soon so do keep yourself updated on our social media.


We organise different socials throughout the year to create opportunity for you to take a break and meet new people! 

For example, in the past, we have hired out the whole of the Bath Mini Golf course and thrown a massive free party with drinks and food! In the winter, we've also visited the Bath pop up ice rink. 

We also run a few nights out to clubs in the city. We often negotiate great deals for our members including free drinks and reduced price entry. Each year we also try to run a trip to Bristol. Partnering up with Bristol Civ Soc, we have a joint pub crawl before hitting a massive nightclub! All transport and tickets are included and is a great opportunity to get out of Bath.


Each year we run our own lecture series, alternating between different range of topics in architecture and engineering. We invite guests who are professionals in the industry to speak to us. It is a great opportunity for anyone who has an interest in engineering or architecture.

You can see our recording on last's year's line up of lectures on Panapto

Site Visits/Tours

Wherever possible, we try to organise site visits to some of the best construction sites in the south.

Christmas Ball

Our biggest event of the year is our very popular Christmas Ball! Every year the location changes and we work extremely hard to provide the best experience at the cheapest price. It is always a massive event, with a three-course meal and a free drink. 

This year, we hope to able to have ACE Christmas Ball to return! Look out for updates.