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With a history and culture of science and innovation, we're the world's largest oilfield services company. Our people invent, design, engineer, and apply technologies that help customers find and produce oil and gas more efficiently and safely, often in remote and challenging locations.

Founded in 1926, the company takes its name from Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger, brothers who transformed the energy industry with the revolutionary idea of using electrical measurements to map subsurface rock formations. Today we employ over 120,000 people and work in more than 85 countries. We provide a wide range of services from surface seismic to drilling, formation evaluation, well completion and stimulation services, production optimization, reservoir studies, well construction and integrated project management.

As the demand for energy continues to increase, new ideas, techniques, and solutions are necessary. We have a multitude of career opportunities that will enable you to prove your abilities from the first day of work. We'll give you the training and support you need to take on our complex engineering and technical challenges. We offer summer placements, year in industry and graduate roles.

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