24/03/20 - Lockdown begins

I'm sure many of us are reeling a little bit from the Prime Minister's briefing yesterday, even despite the fact we've been expecting more stringent measures for a while now. It's so natural to feel anxious and uncertain but remember that the antidote to that fear is connecting with each other and focusing on the things that make us grateful and bring us joy. Our greatest strength is our student community, and you guys have shown it is stronger now than ever.?We at the SU are continuing to work round the clock to ensure all student needs are accounted for, so here's a rundown of the latest news for you all. 

We know many of you will have multiple queries regarding accommodation. We are working with the University to provide you with the answers you need and hope to have an update tomorrow on the query of fee payment on University contracts. This is for both undergraduate and postgraduate University accommodation.

Once that answer is in place the next step is speaking to the University about summer provision and what that looks like for those whose private rental contracts are ending and/or are unable to return home (closed borders, vulnerable family members, estrangement, refugee students)

Other queries which we are looking to answer is what storage facilities are available, left belongings, and the option of students moving slightly closer together to avoid the feeling of isolation.

Hardship Fund

This is just another reminder that if you have found yourself in challenging financial times to please apply to the University Hardship Fund.

Online Teaching 

This is just another call out to ask you to feedback to your Academic Reps if you have any comments about online teaching. Being completely new to a lot of Academics and students its crucial we pick up any issues early on.  

Community Volunteering 

Several groups and individuals in Bath have developed different initiatives to provide support to those most in need. SU Volunteering are currently supporting Bath’s 3rd Sector Group (3SG) in coordinating these schemes to provide help and resources?to those in need. Take a look at our dedicated webpage for all the links you need.  

Thanking Staff 

We want to take the opportunity to thank members of the University staff community who are on campus ensuring the students who remain on campus are being looked after. 

We also want to take the opportunity to thank all Academic staff who have been working so hard to enable students to continue their learning despite extensive changes happening on a short time scale.  We recognise that this period is difficult for everyone and are grateful for all the work you put into supporting students and delivering teaching content.  



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