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Mon 13 Sep 2021

New Beginnings

Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed the summer and your year in Bath. I have chosen to write the...
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Mon 23 Dec 2019

After Secret Santa, where are the reindeer?

It’s 23 December and it’s the last working day for me in 2019.   I am...
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Thu 12 Sep 2019

Where has my summer been?

Hello everyone! As a second year Officer, I have spent three months in office now! If you are interested, read...
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Mon 21 Jan 2019

Seven Months as Your SU Postgraduate Officer

When was the first day of handover? It was last year. June 18 it was.   What date is it...
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Mon 17 Sep 2018

Hello from your 2-month-young SU Postgraduate Officer!

On a cold and rainy day (summer, where are you?), sitting in my office, sipping a chai latte, I am...
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