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Introducing Liberation Network (LibNet)!

It's been a few weeks since my last update and this might be my most exciting one yet!

I'm so pleased to introduce Liberation Network (or LibNet)! This is an extension of the Diversity and Support Exec Committee; a brand new network made up of a diverse group of students!

LibNet is designed to be the hub of student voice on equality, diversity and inclusion issues. Introducing this network will allow us to consult a diverse group of students on equality, diversity, and inclusivity issues across the university. This will help to ensure we, as an SU, are accurately representing all students in the work we do. LibNet will also act as a network for consultation by NUS delegates, EDIC reps, and student groups - ensuring everything we do, within The SU, with the university, and nationally, is informed by diverse student voice.

We also hope the network empowers student voice, giving student representatives a safe space to raise any inclusivity challenges relevant to students in their demographic. This way the network can collaborate on representation work and we, as an SU, can hear about the difficulties underrepresented groups are facing, discussing how we can best address these.

The membership of this network is made up of a representative from relevant Diversity and Support groups, inclusivity representatives from other areas of the SU, and elected students from other under-represented groups. Nominations for elected positions on the network will open on 30th September and will be available through the elections page, so watch this space if you'd like to be part of this work!

I'm so so excited for this network to get started in the new term! Introducing LibNet is a massive step towards ensuring diverse student voice is embedded into everything we do in The SU.

More information about Liberation Network can be found here.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the network or any suggestions for changes to its membership. My email is!