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It’s “All change please!” with the buses in Bath


Over the summer, I’ve been meeting with the bus companies to discuss service provision for the coming year and find out what improvements are being made to make travelling to campus easier for you! There are some key changes taking place, so make sure you know what’s happening….



The University of Bath Uni Bus U1 service has changed its direction. This is because they are introducing 8 brand new double decker buses and because the old route features a low bridge, they’re having to have a rethink!

Travelling to University, the U1’s first stop will be Wells Road, travelling along Upper Oldfield Park Road and then on to Brougham Hayes. Note that you will need to stand on the opposite side of the road to catch the service now! The U1 will then as previously travel through town and up Bathwick Hill to the University.

In addition, First are introducing a new U2 service, although regrettably this won’t be being driven by Bono. The U2 will cover Combe Down, Southdown and Oldfield Park. It will operate every 15 minutes Monday-Friday in University term time only.

For information about timetables and ticket prices, take a look at their website!



The service that runs from Lower Oldfield Park, through town and then up Bathwick Hill to the University will now be called 18, it’s simply lost the ‘U’. Simples.

The X18 & U10 will no longer be in existence and instead will be being replaced with a new service called 17. It will go through Twerton, Whiteway, Southdown & Oldfield Park before heading through town and then up Bathwick Hill to University. When travelling home the bus will just operate in the opposite direction as opposed to turning left out of the University and going in a circular route as the U10 had previously done.

For information about timetables and ticket prices and to look at the routes in some more detail, take a look at their website

Special offers from Wessex will be available until 1st October! 


Hopefully this all makes sense and I’ve been assured that both companies will be making this clear to you all through their promotions & communications.

Any questions, please do get in touch with me at



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