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Activities Officer Candidate Questions

Kimberley Pickett-McAtackney

Hi Kim, With the Volunteer area now sharing an office with societies, do you think the volunteer role that currently sits with the community officer should sit under the Activities officer? If Yes, how will you make this happen? If no, why not?

Also in your manifesto you say as part of your inclusivity section you want to “Work with the International Students Association to provide a food festival for all, introducing people to food and cultures from around the world.” Some people may say this isn’t really talking about inclusivity. What more will you do to ensure your area has inclusivity at the heart of everything it does?

Hi Ben, Volunteering used to fall under the Activities remit. This was changed when the number of Officers was reduced from 6 to 5. It was meant to take pressure off the Activities Officer at the time. The Officer team is now 6 again, although this wasn't anything to do with the Volunteering remit, I believe that the Volunteering remit should sit in the Activities Officer role. There are a number of reasons why; the majority of other SU’s Activities Officers or equivalent have Volunteering under their remit and it seems to work well. Like you said Volunteering actually share an office with Societies now so the communication could get better due to this factor.

Well, firstly it needs to be approved by the Board of Trustees through a report made by the Activities Officer and Community Officer to explain why. Hopefully, I can work with the current Community Officer and get this sorted before the end of this academic year. Ready for next year’s elections for it to be officially moved over.

I would disagree with this statement, hosting a food festival which includes food from around the world is providing an inclusive experience for those who aren't able to access this food so easily in the City of Bath. This will also help to showcase the amazing food that is produced all around the world and helps students understand different cultures at the same time.

There is a variety of things I would love to do to ensure inclusivity if at the heart of everything we do. I would like to work more closely with the International Students’ Association, Faith and Cultural Societies and Race Equality to provide more events for faith and cultural students across campus, to promote the amazing things they do and get more students involved. As well as putting on a Cultural Show which would showcase our Faith and Cultural groups and the amazing performances that they can put on.


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