Frequently Asked Questions

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What sorts of things do you debate?

Mostly politics or issues in current affairs, which can often be ideas that would not be discussed in the real world. We also do the occasional silly motion. See the motions page for an idea of the topics we pick and are traditionally found at debating competitions.

Can I just watch or do I have to speak at the training sessions?

You are very welcome to just come along and watch, though it really is a lot more fun to speak! We won't force you to. Most new members have never debated before and it takes practice to get good at it.

How long do I have to prepare my speech?

After we vote on the motion and decide who speaks, teams get 15 minutes to think about what the main points they want to make will be. Motions should require only the level of knowledge you would get from the news, although a little extra never hurts!

Do I have to turn up to training every week / can I start midway through the year?

We don't insist that you come every week or that you can only join in October, just come along when you can. Of course we hope that you will enjoy it so much that you will want to go every week: the more you practice, the better you will get!