BVGS Esports 2023-24

Bath Video Game Society fields many impressive Esports teams across a variety of games throughout each academic year. You can utilise this page to keep track of our recent success', be updated on any roster moves our teams experience, check out what games we're currently competing in and find out how you can represent the University of Bath online!


How do universities in the UK compete in Esports?
There are many opportunities throughout the year for students across the country to show off their ability in game. The two organisations which we frequently submit teams towards are NSE and NUEL. Throughout the academic year, NSE and NUEL host tournaments open to each university, allowing the entrance of multiple teams, with varying ability, in an attempt to see who comes out on top. For each game there are three tournaments per academic year that take place: Winter, Spring, and Summer; with NSE's Summer tournament offering alumni the opportunity to compete alongside current students.

Which games have Esports teams?
We compete in a variety of tournaments, head over to our Esports Tournament page by clicking here for more information.

Why should you participate?
Whether you're itching to show off you skills in the server or just looking to make some new friends, representing BVGS in your games of choice will certainly be worth the effort! By being apart of a team you will have the opportunity to play in weekly matches against other universities, practice and create strategies with your teammates, get to be apart of any in-house tournaments BVGS hosts with rival establishments, and in general meet new people with similar interests! If it is fame and fortune that you're after, you're in the right place, as you can work to win some of the £17,000 in tournament prizing in NUEL and even make it live on a stage such as Confetti X in Nottingham.

I haven't got any previous experience, does that matter?
Not at all! Regardless of previous experience or skill, BVGS Esports is open to everyone! Whether you choose to play in the open leagues or compete in the Women and Non-binary leagues, there will be an opportunity for you to represent our university nationally, and even internationally, in the numerous tournaments hosted.

How do I sign up?
Head on over to our Discord server and apply the roles for your games to your profile. Our game ambassadors will send a form out, for any players interested, to complete, which will allow them to put together the teams for that season. If your schedule seems a bit tight at the time and you're unsure of whether you will be able to play regularly, don't worry, you can sign up as a substitute! Keep an eye on the respective announcement channels for further information before each season starts and hopefully you'll be playing for us soon!