The Edge are organising consultation focus groups and accepting responses on their proposed changes. Here you can find all the information relating to The Edge changes and how you can have your voice heard. 

Focus groups

These are the times, locations and topics for the focus groups/open sessions. Any student is invited to attend. 

Focus Group date

Focus Group topic


Weds 21st November

Membership Cards / Room Entry / Room Use

4-5.30pm / Ensemble Room

Weds 28th November

Self Service booking /T&C's

4-5.30pm / Ensemble Room


Collecting feedback

The SU is collecting feeback on these changes. You can fill in our survey on all the options listed in the options document. This will form part of The SU's official response to the proposed changes and we will pass on any feedback from students or groups to The Edge. 


The Edge feedback session

On the Wednesday 7 November The SU held an open forum with the Director of Arts Jamie Eastman with students and student groups on The Edge changes. A variety of questions were asked, and gave an opportunity for students to give direct feedback to The Edge. 


Summary of changes

The SU has summarised all the key changes that The Edge has proposed to change within their student consultation document.


Edge membership for individual students

The Edge have proposed to replace the current card system to a specific "Edge Membership" system where those students wishing to book the Dance Studio, Art Studio, Digital Studio, Music Studio, Choral and Individual Practice Rooms will have to pay for membership.

Type of Membership


Allows use of

Studio Member

£6 per term

Dance Studio, Digital Studio, Art Studio

Music Member

£15 per year

Music Studio, x3 Individual Practice Rooms, Choral Room & Ensemble Room*

This membership will be connected to the individual students library card and give access to an online booking system to book 1 hour slots up to 7 days in advance.

Student society room use

The Edge are not proposing to charge societies for booking rooms, providing that advance bookings do not exceed 60% of current space allocation time on weekday evenings, Wednesday afternoons and weekends. This means that student group usage must stay the same as in previous years across societies, and if usage increase The Edge could potentially begin charging for room use. This does not cover ad-hoc room bookings which is covered below.

Room entry

The proposed changes state that room access will be provided to 5 society members who will be given access on their library cards beginning in early October. Chaos will be awarded more than 5 card access society members given the size of their group.

Ad-hoc bookings and group memberships

Should societies wish to book room after the annual allocation on an 'ad-hoc' basis will have to obtain a Group Membership. Group membership will cost £36 per year and will allow the booking of two hour sessions in Dance, Art, and Music Studios and the Ensemble Room for no more than twice a week.

Amp room

The Edge proposes to make the Amp Room available only to Music Soc and The Edge from the months of September to May, removing access to individuals and non-affiliated SU groups (access to lockers permitting). This means that Music Soc can "set up music equipment in this space for the duration of term as suits, and be more confident that equipment like drum kit and amps will not be at risk from other users.".

Additionally, card access to this room will be administered by The Edge with specific cards, not library cards. Equipment in this room belonging to Music Soc will need to be packed down and stored in lockers for May-September.

This will be free on a trial basis til the end of the 2018/19 academic year. 


The Grand Piano currently in the Ensemble Room will be moved to the Music Studio and each individual practice studio will have an upright piano including Practice Room 2.



By the end of 2018

  • To implement the changes regarding pianos. 

By spring 2019

  • Introduce individual memberships (Music Practice Card holders will carry foward).
  • Move to library card access system for societies. 

By October 2019

  • Beginning group memberships. 
  • cease facilitating ad-hoc room bookings and instead move to group memberships. 

Blog by The Edge

Jamie Eastman, Director of The Edge, hasnt written a blog post on the proposed changes and the opportunities for students to give feedback.

"I want to see The Edge pulsating with arts activities benefiting as many as possible and continuing to support student talent. These first steps and changes will start to unlock the processes by which we can begin to make that happen, so do get involved and let me know what you think of our proposals."

Read the blog post here