Frank Morton Date:
February 17th - February 18th 2020
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We are the Society that caters for all the needs of a Chemical Engineering Student at the University of Bath. 

Here we manage the Peer Mentoring schemes, Career Talks, Industrial Events and all our famous socials. Our main event every year is Frank Morton which takes place every February. This is a day of sport and socialising - this year we will be heading to Sheffield!

We hope you will all enjoy your time at Bath and get involved with CESA as much as you can. The society is very inclusive, giving you a great opportunity to meet chemical engineers from accross all year groups.

Reasons to Join Us

  • Join for only £5!
  • We run all the socials for Chemical Engineering students.  This year we are hoping to organise plenty of sun socials in Bath (& beyond)!
  • We also, organise visits to industrial sites for those thinking about going on placements.
  • Membership will give you a discounted ticket price for the main event of the year, Frank Morton in Sheffield!

Come and Meet Us

All Committee Members are contactable through Facebook or email, and we’d be happy to hear from you!

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Welfare and Inclusivity Officer