CESG: Chemical Engineering Sustainability Group


Who are we?

CESG is a new student-led sustainability group, dedicated to raising awareness and making sustainable change across campus. We collaborate with other societies, such as Bath People and Planet, in order to bring together people working for sustainability and the future. 


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What do we do?

Each year we run projects to try and make changes across the University. We are made up 3 sub-groups: Campus Energy, Campus Awareness and Student Outreach

  • Campus Energy aims to develop a more sustainable University

  • Campus Awareness aims to make students more aware of and engage in sustainable practices. Examples from last year are: Divest Barclays and Reduce Plastic Use campaigns

  • Student Outreach - Engage with students outside of campus to think about their sustainability practices and potential of chemical engineers and other STEM graduates to bring about sustainable development. 

Last year (2018/19) CESG and People and Planet worked through weekly discussions to put together a policy ‘Bath Carbon Neutral’. The policy is now under consideration by the University. 

Other projects and events included:

  • Outreach presentations at schools and sixth form colleges

  • After-school clubs 

  • Seminars and talks

  • Sustainable Futures Careers Evening

  • Petitions

In 2019/20, we aim to continue to support and promote the campaigns and to raise awareness across campus. 

Support the Carbon Neutral 2030 campaign on Instagram - more to come


Why join us?

  1. To develop your problem-solving skills and help to tackle problems
  2. A chance to develop an awareness of multiple projects happening on campus
  3. To brainstorm during group sessions
  4. An opportunity to meet people with the same passion
  5. To improve team working skill
  6. To not just being aware of bad news but also to take initiative to make changes


Join us, if you want to be part of the action.

Please feel free to take a look at our facebook and LinkedIn page for more details.

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