Competitions and Training


Bath Jets competitive squads and dance squads compete in 2-3 National Competitions in the second semester of university, including Future Cheer (FC), British Cheerleading Association (BCA) and Legacy Cheer & Dance. Competitions are always a great way to get involved, support other squads and show off your hard work over the past months. The competitions are SUPER FUN and not like any other competition you've attended, the memories will last a lifetime. 

We also compete at Varsity which takes place in April, where we cheer for our University sports teams, such as netball, basketball, rugby and more, against Cardiff Met University. This year its Bath's turn to host Varsity so we will be stunting and dancing on home ground! We also have amazing opportunities to cheer for Wednesday afternoon sports games! So there is something for everyone! 


We have training sessions every week for each competitive squad. Recreational training is every Sunday evening. Competitive squads also have conditioning and stretching sessions once a week. Training can be intense but we get results, just have a scroll and look at how well our squads did last year!


Future Cheer 

At the Future Cheer Competition in February 2019 we had amazing results and had an awesome time! We performed the best Bath Jets have ever seen and we are hoping for a repeat in 2020/21 This was a fabulous achievement so a massive well done to everyone who took part!!!

Bath Jets level 3 Co-ed - 1st 
Bath Jets level 2 Co-ed Group Stunt - 1st 
Bath Jets level 2 Co-ed - 4th
Bath Jets Level 3 Co-ed Group Stunt - 2nd 
Hip-hop - 2nd 
Large Pom - 2nd 
Jazz - 4th 
Small Pom - 16th