In addition to all the fun and thrill we get from competitions and performances, we also have regular club socials which are always fun, exciting and memorable. Socials are the perfect opportunity to meet all the other cheerleaders and make great friends within the squad. We have our weekly themed socials every Wednesday which usually starts out in Belushi's bar and end up in Score at the SU on campus. Some of the popular and well-liked themes in the past include 'Under the sea', 'Tight and Bright', 'Disney' and 'Army'. 

In addition to our weekly socials, we also have other socials throughout the year including:

  • Welcome Drinks - usually the first social of the year, welcome drinks is a great opportunity for cheer returners and freshers to meet each other!
  • Cheer take -over at Second Bridge Nightclub and dressing up in our cheer uniforms and kit, this social usually involves a VIP booth and a lot of great memories at Second Bridge Nightclub!
  • Snowball - an opportunity to get glammed up and celebrate with other sports clubs on a special night!
  • Joint socials - such as 'Jocks and Cheerleaders', where we join to celebrate after a game with another sports team, such as American football. It is always a hilarious and fun night to show up the jocks! 

Information on socials is posted weekly on our Bath Jets facebook page, which you will have access to if you become a member! 

We look forward to seeing you at our next club social!