Who We Are

ChinaRen Society exists to ensure the wellbeing of Chinese students at the University of Bath and provides students with help and information relevant to their university life.

Since its establishment, our society has been fully committed to enhance the integration of Chinese students amongst the international community, as well as promoting Chinese culture and including non-Chinese students into our events and activities.

What We Do

Throughout the year, we organise activities for the whole community that help relieve general university stress, such as the Christmas Dinner, Chinese New Year Dinner, K-Show singing competition and many cultural clubs.

We also provide a Peer Language Mentor Programme to ensure non-Chinese students a better understanding of Chinese language and culture.

Remember, you do not have to be Chinese to join. We are more than a group of friendly people, we are a family, and we want people from all over the world to be part of us, as we are all about diversity. Join us today, because there is simply no better way to have a more unforgettable Uni life!

Do not hesitate, JOIN! JOIN! JOIN!


  • Welcome Talks
  • Bath City Tour
  • Drinking Nights
  • Club Nights
  • KTV
  • Trips
  • Sport Activities
  • Board Game Nights
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Chinese New Year Dinner
  • K-SHOW
  • the list goes on...

Our Traditional Chinese Han Clothing Club also organises:

  • Chinese Tea Parties
  • Traditional Chinese Dance Performances
  • Christmas Market Tour in Han Clothing
  • and many more…


These are available with our ChinaRen Membership Card

  • Bath Sushi
  • Hondo Sushi
  • Yen Sushi
  • Chili Family Noodle
  • Kong Fu Noodle Bar
  • Baylor House
  • East Meets West
  • Hondo Supermarket
  • Haina Oriental Supermarket

Contact Us

Bath Email: chinarenbath@outlook.com

Wechat Subscription: Bathchinaren

Wechat Contact: chinarenbathuni

Facebook Page: @chinarenbathuni

Instagram: chinarenbathuni

Please subscribe to our official Wechat pages to get updated with our latest events. Feel free to email us or contact us on Wechat if you have any questions!


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