18th November 2023

Our first outing in the new university year was to trial for the university regional teams. Lots of strong players from Bath attending with the following players making the BRT tournament later in the year:

  • Haydn Howarth (A team)
  • Tristan Horton (A team, Alumni)
  • Alexander Hung (B team)
  • Nathan Xiu (B team)
  • Sam Martin (B team)
  • Thomas Malins (B team, Alumni)
  • Olivia Warner (Womens)
  • Anna Lim (Womens)
  • Gemma Bowman (Womens)


25th November 2023

Our first outing as a team! We managed to bring 4 teams, an incredible number, all of which did considerably well!

  • Bath 1sts made the Quarter Finals of Team Championship
  • Bath 2nds made the Last 16 of Team Championship
  • Bath 3rds lost in the Semi Final of the Team Trophy
  • Bath 4ths lost in the Final of the Team Trophy, earning them silver medals!

Individually, the standout performance in the Championship was Haydn Howarth, reaching the Semi Final. The trophy individuals was dominated by Bath Players, and the semi final line up consisted of 3 Bath Players: Archie Heap, Sam Martin and James Watson. James managed to go and win the trophy in the final! 


2nd-5th December 2023

The first BUCS outing of the year! We headed up to Leeds with 9 players split across 3 teams. Bath won the most medals out of any university in the tournament, so another weekend to be happy about!

  • Bath 1sts lost in the Semi Final of the Trophy 2-1 to Leeds 2nds.
  • Bath 2nds lost in the Semi Final of the Trophy 2-0 to Lancaster 2nds.
  • Bath 3rds lost in the group stage sadly, but had very tricky draws such as eventual championship winners Newcastle.

Individually, standouts were Haydn Howarth and Ciaran Rees, Ciaran making the Quarter Final of the Individual Trophy and Haydn WINNING the individual trophy, proving his adaptability to all cue sports! 


We had 9 players from Bath representing the South West, with many strong performances from all of our players. The team made plenty of dishes (with Alex getting one on stream) and did the university proud.

  • Southwest A's made the Championship Final, narrowly losing out to Northwest A's tand getting Silver medals
  • Southwest B's came 4th, after a close 3rd place playoff with Northwest B's
  • Southwest Women's came 4th after a tight finish with Southeast Women's.

Standout performance was Tristan Horton, having the best win rate for any A team player from all universities!


The biggest turnout for Bath ever! We managed to send 25 PLAYERS to Hatfield to compete in the Southerns Pool Tournament across 5 teams. A tournament full of action, drama and some of the most tense moments ever witnessed in Bath Cue Sports history.

  • Bath 1sts made the Quarter final of the Championship before losing 6-1 to a very impressive team;
  • Bath 2s made the Semis of the Championship, beating Bath 1sts! They sadly then lost 6-2 to Exeter, but strong performances throughout the tournament.
  • Bath 3s came third in the Trophy, after winning the third place playoff by demolishing Oxbridge 1sts 6-1!
  • Bath 4ths were beaten in the Trophy by the 3rds 6-2.
  • Bath 5ths were a shock pacakge, managing to get into the trophy, but sadly losing out to NTU 2nds in the last 16 6-3.

The rundown misses out all the exciting moments of the tournament. Bath 3rds played the most incredibly dramatic quarter final with UoL, with Fred managing to tie the scores at 5-5, and Archies final black ball shootout being the most nailbiting affair to date. However they pulled through 7-6, and were cheered on by a massive Bath audience.

In the 2nds incredible run, Olivia managed to win every team game, Alex played some spellbinding stuff with all players doing amazingly well!

Individually, the championship standout was Haydn, who managed to reach the quarter finals. However the trophy was an amazing feast of Bath, with Gabe reaching the Semis and Will proving his abilities and reaching the Final, only narrowly missing out on the top spot! 

The tournament was definetly one to remember and we are very excited to go again next year.


This can be considered the biggest tournament of our academic year, as 8 Ball is the primary focus of the club. This year, Bath managed to send 3 Mens teams captained respectively by Haydn, Sam and Ollie respectively and 1 Womens team captained by Olivia. It was definetely another very memorable tournament for the team.

  • Bath 1sts managed to get to the Semis of the Trophy, before a close loss to Lancaster 2nds.
  • Bath 2nds had a rough time, after beating their groups top seed, they struggled to find form. However, in the relegation battle against Liverpool, they managed to hit full steam and winning, preventing the team from being relegated!
  • Bath 3rds managed to reach the final of the Vase, after a tense battle with Leeds 2nds ended with the 3rds winning 7-6!. They sadly lost to Bangor 1sts, but went home with Silvers and we are very proud of them.
  • Bath Womens showed great determintion and managed to WIN the Team Championship, the highest level of tournament play!! After a draw and a loss in their first two group games, on day 2  they find their form and make the knockouts! Tense finishes, and a tidy 4-2 win over Southampton saw them lift the trophy for the first time since 2019. Well done!

Standout performances were by Nathan Xiu in the 1sts, Alex Hung in the 2nds, Reece Thomas in the 3rds and Olivia Warner(who went flawless) in the womens!

Individually, the furthest reach in the championships was in the Last 64. Archie Heap was the only player to reach day 2 in the individual trophy, but he fell in the Last 16. In the Womens, Olivia managed to go the whole way and WIN the womens individual championship, beating Bethany Hutson from York 5-3 in the final.

Overall, a very successful tournament for the women, and the entire team will be back next year!