Competitions and Team Trials

Team Trials

Team Trials for BUCS tournaments will occur in the first week of semester at the Plug. If you cannot make it, but would still like to be involved competitively, please contact us!

Date: TBC

BUCS Tournaments

9 Ball

The first tournament of the year, which last year took place in Telford. Played on a larger 'American' Table', it is the least popular version of the sport within the country, however, still well broadcasted. The Mosconi Cup is the most famous of these 9 Ball Tournaments (the Ryder Cup of Pool).

Date: TBC (Normally around November)

English 8 Ball

The most popular and prestigious of the 3 BUCS tournaments. Played using World Rules on a standard 7ft by 3ft table. The Plug has 6 tables, while Dartmouth Avenue has 1 standard and 1 practice table with smaller pockets. Over 300 students from across the country take part in this event, which took place in Stoke-on-Trent last year.

Date: TBC (Normally around February)


The most famous of the 3 is the last major student tournaments, with some recent winners having since made the Junior and Amateur tours. A much larger table is used (12ft by 6ft), which makes the game far more tricky. Dartmouth has 1 full sized table, and more can be used in Bristol

Date: TBC (Normally around March)

Internal Tournaments

We start the year with the annual Freshers tournament. The winners of this have gone on to do very well in the competition and are most people's first introduction to the sport. 

Then Internal League is the Unis main competition, where you can practice competitive play in a more relaxed setting ready for BUCS. The happens throughout the year.

More smaller fun competitions happen throughout the year too, so whatever level you are at, you can still be involved in competition!