Reasons to Join Us

  • Extremely friendly atmosphere and a great place to relax and socialise! We also hold regular socials as a club, aiming to cater to all members. 
  • Internal league; battle it out to become the best!
  • Our women's team is thriving, becoming BUCS Champions in 2019!
  • We compete in competitive pool tournaments throughout the year, including BUCS! We are 2x BUCS Women Team Championship winners, having won in both 2018/19 and more recently in 2023/24!


We are happy to announce that the club has its first sponsor! A massive thanks to Binary Stars for their contribution in our second semester, and going forwards for the next 3 years

They are an IT support company covering London and the South of England and have decided to sponsor us as a way for young people to pursue their chosen sports. They believe that societies can be great escape from the hectic university work, and we are forever grateful for them.

Massive thanks to Binary Stars for helping us grow!


Session Times

8-Ball Pool (The Plug)

  • Mondays: 5-8
  • Wednesdays: 3-7

Snooker (Dartmouth Avenue)

  • Weekdays: evenings

9-Ball (Bristol)

  • Weekends (approximately once a month)

Our Competitive Legacy


English pool is by far the biggest sport that we compete in at Cue Sports, sending players to BRT Trials, 2 teams to both Southerns 8-ball and BUCS 8-ball in the 2022-23 season. This current season, we sent an amazing number of 9 Bath players to BRT and have won medals at every event we have attended!

Notable performances in 2023/24 include:

  •  James Watson (Individual Trophy Winner, Southwests)
  • Olivia Warner (Individual Championship Winner, BUCS Womens 8 Ball)
  • Bath 1s Women (Team Championship Winners, BUCS Womens 8 Ball)


In the 19-20 academic year, we fielded 2 snooker teams to take to BUCS for the first time ever and we continued this in the 22-23 season, sending 2 teams to BUCS snooker at the Woking Snooker centre.


9-ball pool is growing fast at our club and is the first BUCS event of the year. At the 2023/24 BUCS 9 Ball, we managed to send 3 teams with our Bath 1s and Bath 2s winning Trophy bronzes and 2s captain Haydn Howarth winning the Individual Trophy!


Chair: Sam Martin (
Treasurer: Olivia Warner
BUCS Coordinator: Jonny Puglsey
General Committee Members: Haydn Howarth; Archie Heap; Nathan Show
Committee email: