Its a revival - join DAG and help us thrive !

Who are we?

We represent a student community for those who self-identify as disabled, and their allies, at the University of Bath. This includes students with long-term medical conditions, hidden / invisible illnesses, mental health difficulties, or other impairments. Our aim, as a diversity and support group, is to ensure our members feel empowered, understood, and fairly treated. 

What do we do?

We provide a safe space for members to chat about their time at university with students who may face similar issues. This can take place across a wide-range of accessible venues from coffee mornings, to pub socials, to large-scale activism events. We are made by and for you, and always happy to consider anything you want to add !

In the long term, we hope this group can encourage postive change by voicing your views and challenging the university to ensure equal opportunities for all students.  

Disability History Month

From the 16th Novemebr to the 16th December, it is Disability History Month. You may see some "Did you know?" slides on the screens or have heard of us from the grapevine but this is our month. We have partnered with the SU and other parts of the university to create multiple events throughout the month. Click here for the home page.

How can I get involved?

To stay in the loop about all our upcoming events, "purchase" our FREE membership on this page. This gives you access to our regular emails and Facebook group, or follow our Facebook/Instagram pages.