Current Committee (2022/23)

Amber Snary (she/her) - overenthusiastic spoonie and Chair

Ask Amber about joining the committee, all the emails, and anything you want DAG to cover !

Isobel Shone (she/her) - treasurer and actual ball of sunshine

Ask Isobel about all things finance - keeping in budget, accounts, and online products

Hatty Bohun (she/her) - social secretary and autism lead, musicals stan, purveyor of novelty freckles

Ask Hatty about planning, setting up, and delivering socials, as well as anything about making uni and DAG accessible for those with ASD

Lily Goddard (she/her) - social media director with her very own kickass cystic fibrosis insta

Ask Lily about anything to do with social media - this includes anything you want featured on our social media channels, notice of events, and keeping you all up to date with news !


Ciara Sherlock (she/her) - business liason director with the most intimdating / inspiring linkedin you have ever seen

Ask Ciara about relationships with external organisations - if there is something outside of the University you want DAG to get into, check with Ciara !

Grace Leigh (she/her) - all around star, helping with both social media and events

Ask Grace about planning, setting up, and delivering socials alongside their promotion

Previous Chairs

2021/22 - Blake Walker (they/them) and Adam Davitt (they/any)