There are a number of Equality and Diversity related meetings which take place within the Students' Union and within the University of Bath.

Students' Union meetings

Diversity and Support Executive Committee - this group meets every few weeks and talks about representational issues and campaigns for all the Diversity and Support Groups.

Liberation Network - A group of students that represent the diversity of our student body (often shortened to LibNet within The SU).

Equality and Diversity Steering Group - this group meets every month to look at equality and diversity issues within the Students' Union.

Student Anti-Racist Action Group (SARAG) - SARAG acts as an accountability group, giving student representatives the opportunity to ask University senior managers about the progress being made under various headings relating to Racial Equality.

University meetings

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee (EDIC) - this committee is responsible to Council and Senate for the promotion of equality of opportunity across the University.  Representatives from the Students' Union sit on this committee.

Role Description for EDIC Reps

Equalities and Diversity Network - this network has a broad and representative membership and provides a forum for consultation on equalities and diversity issues.  It is a sub-committee of the Equalities and Diversity Committee.  Representatives from the Students' Union sit on this network, including representatives from each of the student support groups.

Race Equality Task Force - Provides srategic leadership for the development and implementation of equality objectives relating to race.

There are various other Equality & Inclusion focussed meetings at the University, including; Harassment Prevention Working Group, meetings regarding disabled student experience, religious student experience and more.