What We Do

Weekly films on campus: Every Thursday we screen films in the University Hall on campus. The SU is supporting us with these events to ensure they are COVID secure and safe for all to attend! Sign up below:


Connection to the Little Theatre in Bath: The Little Theatre is a brilliant independent cinema with an interesting array of films and cheap student ticket prices. Over the year, The Little Theatre will be able to provide members, through group attendance of the society, discounted tickets to see new films and maybe the odd exclusive weekend screening. They also offer an excellent student membership.

Cinema Socials: Often, we go to watch a major new release in town, either at the Odeon or The Little Theatre. The tickets to the events is subsidised for all members so this is the best way to see the biggest new releases.

Socials: Meals out, quizzes, trips to popular new releases, our annual LaserQuest venture, and more!

Reasons to Join Us

Free film screenings!

You don't have to do them all but I guarantee at some point during the year we will show a movie that you will want to watch. Maybe an old favourite you haven't seen in a while, possibly a movie you've heard of but never had a chance to see.

Plus our cinema socials, Little Theatre connection and a chance to chat with other cinephiles. A great chance to meet new people with absolutely no pressure to talk but every opportunity to make new friends.

Come and Meet Us

We meet every Monday and Thursday in 2E 3.1, screening a range of films voted for by our members. Our screenings take place at 7:15 PM.

Join our facebook group to vote on what film we should show next, as well as trailers and more!



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