About BUFS

BUFS was started in 2009. Joining us entitles you to a school year full of fun and excitement in the form of movie screening twice a week, various socials and trips to theatres in town with discounted movie tickets!  

How are movies selected? 

Monday films are voted on by members on a weekly basis. There is a unique theme for each week so you can be assured that there will definitely be movies to your liking no matter what genre you like. Some previous screenings are listed here

Thursday films, on the other hand, are selected by members who can volunteer to present their favourite movies in front of the society to share the experience with fellow members.

Where does your membership fee go? 

Your membership charge enables us to purchase each film that we show. Any surplus is used to subsidise movie tickets during our socials. This is possible due to our links with cinema halls in town such as The Little Theatre and more recently Tivoli. 

How can I present a film? 

All BUFS members have the privilege of being able to present a film that they believe needs to be shared with fellow members. Simply drop us a message on email, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Discord, and we'll get the film, then schedule a day for it to be shown. These platforms are also where you can get announcements find us, and talk with other members.