Club membership gives you the ultimate level of access to everything motorsports at Bath!

Membership for the 2023–24 academic year will give you:

> £5 off all our social karting events.

> Free entry to the F1 Pub Quiz.

Priority access to merchandise, racewear and driving experiences.

> Access to race in the BUKC.

> Access to race in the University of Bath eRacing Championship.

The membership fee for this year is only £10 so it's a no-brainer if you plan to come along to a few of our events; it helps support the club greatly in further reducing our ticket prices, as well putting on bigger and better events for our members.

To purchase a club membership, select 'Add to Basket' on the Motorsports Membership, found on our website's drop-down menu. You will also need an SU Sport Membership, which will be automatically added to your basket when you purchase our club membership — a one-time fee to access membership to any sports club at the university!