Congratulations on receiving your offer to study at Bath!

Higher education can be a tough old time, but we are lucky enough to have an overwhelming choice of sports and societies here at the university, who offer something for people of all speeds. Well, if that speed is a little quicker than the rest, then you'll fit right in at University of Bath Motorsports.  

We run events for anyone with an interest in motorsports. For some, that may be a casual interest in Formula One, where you'll fit right in at our (pretty much) weekly live Grand Prix screenings and pub quizzes. For others, it may be a serious passion for kart racing, for whom we offer a chance to take part in the greatest university sports league in the world: the British Universities Karting Championship. 

The BUKC is the pinnacle of university kart racing, taking place over 9 rounds across the academic year at world-famous tracks — such as Buckmore Park, PFI and Whilton Mill — which have bred legendary Formula One talent for decades. If following in the footsteps of the likes of Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Lando Norris isn't quite your ambition, the BUKC is still the perfect place to hone in on your karting skills or to simply enjoy racing others, there are different classes for drivers of all speeds!

Whilst the BUKC is by far the most cost-efficient way of entering the competitive karting scene, our social karting events are far more affordable for those who want to enjoy racing casually. For our social karting events, we typically aim for under £1 per minute of racing and are endeavouring to reduce this even further with a discounted price for club members.

The 2023–24 academic year will also mark the return of our internal University of Bath Karting Championship, bringing back the semi-competitive edge our social events have been craving since the start of the pandemic. The club will provide transport to and from every karting event free of charge.

All our social karting events are open to drivers of all skill levels and experience! Personally, I came to Bath with minimal experience in karts, but this club has given me a safe and welcoming space to really get involved in the sport and learn from our more experienced drivers.

Our F1 Grand Prix screenings are popular as ever, and we are constantly looking at ways to make them more interactive to cater for the steadily growing interest in Formula One over recent years, so you all don't get bored when Verstappen inevitably wins by 30 seconds. We typically screen races at pubs and bars in the city centre, fantastic opportunities to meet likeminded students who share a passion for motorsports.

We also host pub quizzes, offering a challenge to people with all levels of wheel knowledge. All our pub quizzes have a wide range of questions designed for anyone to have a crack at, not just the super-fans among us.

Event calendars and ticket information will be communicated through our social media, so make sure you're following us on all platforms — links to which are available on our Linktree.

You may want to keep a look out for the additional events we'll be offering this year, trust me when I say there are some exciting things in the pipeline...

Here's to a year of racing action you'll never forget!

– Max, Chair

UOBM is a diverse club, open to anyone with a passion for high-adrenaline racing. We look to offer a wide range of events for anyone with an interest in our sport, and for people of any level of skill and background.

Events to look out for in the 2023–24 academic year include our beloved live Grand Prix screenings, pub quizzes, social karting events, driving experiences, car meets and in-person race viewings.

We also field a fiercely competitive BUKC team, each year taking on some of the world's best karting talent. Our last national championship came in 2011, when we topped the standings of the BUKC Premier Class. In the 2023 season, our A team finished the Premier Class in 4th, just 35 points shy of the champions. 

We are always looking for ways to bolster our offering, whether it be a wider range of events or improving our club's accessibility — feel free to email us with any suggestions, or message us through our social media platforms!

Social media is where we communicate all our club announcements, so it is imperative you follow our pages if you're interested in getting involved!

Instagram is our primary social media page and is constantly monitored and updated. Our feed typically includes member-voted F1 driver ratings, motorsports calendars, event/club announcements, BUKC updates and much more racing content.

We also communicate club announcements through WhatsApp, which also plays host to our main group chat connecting everyone at the university with an interest in motor racing, where our members discuss anything from F1 to car modding to motorsports photography and etcetera — links to which are updated on our Linktree.

All event tickets and merchandise will be sold through the Products page on this website. We also have club Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages — all found on our Linktree.