A Spotlight on... Bath University Boat Club

A Spotlight on... Bath University Boat Club

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A Spotlight on... Bath University Boat Club!

This week’s feature is all about the Bath University Boat Club, I had a lovely chat with John Laurenson, Chair, and Sophia Stiling, Women’s Captain and Welfare and Inclusivity Officer. Our very own boat club is currently raising money to fund a new boat. The alumni have been working with the club to raise money and they’re currently half-way there to their target of £8000.

What have they been up to?

During lockdown, the club unfortunately had to take themselves off the water however they’ve been running daily 6pm sessions to keep the club fit and healthy. Talking to the pair, I got a real understanding of the club’s motivation to keep going and stay together during lockdown. Maintaining the good attitude and preparing for the opening of races and events after new year has been really important for what I’m sure will be an amazing start to the season. The club have had a few socials including online poker and a virtual Christmas dinner in store.

How did you get into rowing?

John was competitively rowing at school and knew he wanted to join the boat club when he came to university. John has been a major part of the rowing club, especially this year as chair, unfortunately due to his injury he has been unable to row, so stepping up to chair was a great decision, meaning he has continued to be thoroughly involved in the club. Meanwhile Sophia rowed at home but took a year out to do A-levels, so when Sophia joined the boat club, she knew she wanted to help people in the same position as her. She has really taken on her role as captain and W&I officer to help those who have taken gap years and time out from competitive rowing feel encouraged to get back into it.

Who are you thankful for?

When asking who they were thankful for, they both spoke about their amazing alumni who continue to support the boat club with funding and advice. Additionally, Sophia mentioned the Men’s Captain and her fellow W&I Officer, Ben Smeeton, who has been doing plenty for club. Running weekly yoga and flexibility sessions allowing the team to catch up and keep in touch.

Thank you Rowing!


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