A Spotlight on... the Volleyball Club!

A Spotlight on... the Volleyball Club!

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On Monday I had the lovely opportunity to speak with Federica Arcidiaco and Heleen Maes from Volleyball and hear all about the amazing things they have lined up in the next few weeks.

What have you got in store for Volleyball?

The Volleyball Club have lots of new opportunities starting this semester for everyone to get involved with, these include some fitness and yoga sessions, the first of which starts at 6pm on Thursday and is open to all. Follow their Instagram to keep up to date with all that’s going on.

The committee have also planned a lot of events to get the club moving, whether you run, walk or cycle you can get involved with their strava club, which has created an opportunity to celebrate club members on the lockdown training grind.Socials are also back up and running with rec and team events however will be moving soon into club-wide online events, a great opportunity to meet some new faces!

How did you get into Volleyball?

Heleen and Federica interestingly both had very similar paths to joining the volleyball club at Bath. Both having played at their schools and similarly nervous to try out. Frederica encouraged by members at a freshers fair and Heleen by her freshers captain met each other at the taster sessions and the two have been immersed in volleyball ever since.

Heleen’s progression to committee roles happened in second year, she’d captained her school team and so naturally wanted to volunteer for her committee. Whilst Federica, current chair, took a bit of persuasion in her second year, getting involved in the bielections however has been stuck ever since! Just like they did, we should all try it out and get involved!

Who are you thankful for?

When asking who they were thankful for Federica immediately said the committee. The hard-working team have put a huge amount of work into creating a brand-new online offer for this semester and keeping the club running during lockdown. Heleen gave a few specific mentions including Bianca Galimberti, Secretary, who has made sure that everything has been running smoothly; Media Coordinator, Ewa Ward, for keeping their socials medias up to date and packed with information and they both agreed that the Social Secs, Adam Freeman and Aadhya Govil, have done amazing job of uniting the club socially and giving the members amazing opportunities to be together.

An additional thank you to the further members of the club who may not be on committee but continue to do tremendous amounts of work; the coaches, captains and others. Federica also wanted to say thanks to Heleen, Club Development Officer, who personally messaged half of the members over Christmas to keep in touch and ensure all were well!

Finally, they wanted to say thank you to the members who may be not getting the deal they have previously had but have stuck with it and keep attending.

Thank you Volleyball!


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