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A Blog on Opportunities, by Refilwe Badubi

A Blog on Opportunities, by Refilwe Badubi

A Blog on Opportunities, by Refilwe Badubi


Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity – H Jackson Brown 

Last week or a few days back, the SU posted different volunteering roles for students. Did you apply? Well, if you did, kudos to you! Keep up the spirit. If you did not, is it because you believe the same opportunity will present itself in the future? Well, have you considered what you are letting pass you by? Are you maybe building a habit of procrastination, which will result in a lot of things in your life being procrastinated? Soon, you will be out of Bath University and that opportunity will not be available to you, and it will be a missed opportunity. 

Daily we get to be presented with opportunities, some are not good at spotting them, while others let them pass by because they believe the opportunity will present itself in the future. Most of the time it doesn’t, and we have to live life with regrets. Today I urge you to closely review your life and analyse if you are letting opportunities pass you by or not.  

Alright! How do you get to seize opportunities?  

Be Intentional! 

Make it a point, every week, to sit down and evaluate how the week has gone by. Have you achieved your set goals for the week? If not, why not? How are you going to improve? For example, last week I was working on my school assignment and submitted it but was not able to go to the gym for the whole week. Does working on the assignment mean that I must stop working on other things? No! I need to manage my time well and schedule each activity accordingly so that it would not interfere with other things. Therefore, this week, I am going to work on the next assignment for at least 2 hours per day, to allow myself more time to do the assignment and things that I enjoy.  

Be deliberate, start today. Identify your goal, plan for next week.  

Are you going to the gym? What time? Where is it located? How are you getting to the venue? Push yourself to go. Make sure to take smaller steps that will lead to your great achievement. 

Life is all about being intentional with what you do, that fuels you to do more and achieve greatness, enjoy life! 

~Refilwe Badubi