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Ho Ho Ho Hooray for the Successful Santa Dash!

Ho Ho Ho Hooray for the Successful Santa Dash!

Santa Santa everywhere and not a mince pie in sight for these fit Father Christmases!

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Santas' Running their 5K

Christmas Spirit was all around at this year’s Santa Dash as collectively, you all managed to raise a wonderful £440 for V Team community projects. Alongside this, the suits cost us nothing as they were purchased prior to the pandemic.

The V Team projects aim to connect students to the local community by giving something back and building lasting connections with organisations and individuals. V Team Projects include:

  • V Run
  • V Raise
  • V Clean
  • V Collect
  • V Parks
  • V Trees
  • V Heart Start

Plus many more!

On the day all you could see for miles (well 3 miles!) was a sea of red and white fluffy pom poms. Seventy Santa’s signed up, with sixty-four able to take part and two of you loved it so much, you ran it twice! (We’re guessing you fuelled up on mince pies beforehand).

One runner told us that, ‘The Santa Dash was such a fun event to be a part of and very festive! It was great to know the money raised was going towards V Team’s work in the community.”

And alongside the runners, we had the engine behind the sleigh, our volunteers, without whom, the whole event couldn’t have gone ahead. We spoke to a volunteer who proves you don’t have to be a runner to get lots out of this event: ‘The whole experience of Santa dash helped me understand how to work in a group and team. The whole atmosphere was very electrifying as the participants were very enthusiastic and ready to spread the Christmas joy.’

 If you want to get involved with one of the projects next semester, and become one of our valued volunteers, visit the V Team page:

We’re so proud of you all and want to thank you for raising so much money. Now admit it, who’s kept their Santa suit? No judgement here…


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