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Late Exam Submissions

Late Exam Submissions

Update from the SU Officer Team

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As an Officer Team we are aware that there are some huge issues some of you are facing regarding late submissions of exams. We are disappointed to see the hard approach the University has chosen to take at a time that they have chosen to change the process and accept limited responsibility for the issues they have caused.  

There is limited clarity and contradictory advice given by the University regarding what students should be doing if they receive a notification that they have submitted a late submission. The delays in this notification mean that for some students you believe you may have missed the deadline for IMC claims. This is not the case. Regardless of when your exam was you have until tomorrow (08/06/2022) to submit an IMC claim.  
Overview of some of the issues 

  • Online it states an IMC claim can only be submitted when there is a ‘condition which temporarily prevents you from undertaking an assessment or significantly impairs your performance in that assessment’ including ‘ill health, a serious accommodation crisis or prolonged technical problems.’. It is not clear why the late submission email is encouraging students who have had a one of technical problem to go through the IMC process.  
  • The late submission notification from the University can be received up to 11 days after you submit your exam, yet on the IMC webpage, that you are signposted to, states ‘no later than three working days after an individual assessment/exam is due to be completed; or, for multiple assessments/exams, no later than three working days after the end of the relevant formal assessment period.’. According to the advice on the IMC website it would seem apparent that if you receive the notification after 3 days from your submission point that you cannot go on to submit an IMC. This is not the case, you can submit an IMC up to three days after the whole exam submission period.  
  • Those of you who have evidence explaining the reasons behind your late submission are currently not being given the opportunity to appeal the case. This is not acceptable and is a change that the University have introduced this Semester.  

Next steps for you 

  • Right now, whilst we are in communications with the university senior management team about this we encourage you to submit an IMC.  
  • You can contact the SU Advice and Support team by emailing

What your SU Officers are doing 

  • Last week Jacob had a series of meetings raising these issues.  
  • This week Annie has emailed the Vice Chancellor asking for;  
  • An extension on the IMC window for all students who received a notification of a rejected late submission 
  • The University to accept responsibility and recognise the problems within the late submission policy and the system they have chosen to implement. 
  • For any student who wishes to submit evidence for a rejected late submission to be given the option to do so.  
  • Tomorrow we will be attending University Senate, the highest academic body of the University. If these issues are not resolved we will be raising this as an urgent business.  


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