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Meet your 2022/23 SU Officer Team

Meet your 2022/23 SU Officer Team

The SU Officer Team for 2022/23 has been elected!

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Huge congratulations to the newly elected SU Officer Team for 2022/23 

SU President - Alexander Robinson
SU Education Officer - Julia Kildyushova 
SU Sport Officer - Elizabeth Stacey 
SU Activities Officer - Viktor Toshev 
SU Postgraduate Officer - Jura Never 
SU Community Officer - Blake Walker 

You can view our results presentation here and watch the live stream of the results here. 

Thanks to everyone who has voted we will be planting 255 Trees with More Trees BANES. We will also be adopting a Badger and planting enough wildflowers to fill a rugby pitch! This is all part of our Plant Your Vote Campaign

The new officer team will start their roles at the end of June 2022.