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Plant your vote in the SU Officer elections

Plant your vote in the SU Officer elections

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As part of our work towards a greener SU, we will plant 1 tree for every 10 individual votes placed in the SU Officer Elections. This year, your vote will make an impact on not only the future of The SU and the student experience at Bath but on the future of the next generation and beyond.

We’ve teamed up with More Trees BANES, a not-for-profit community group that works hard to protect and plant trees in our local area. Since they began work in 2008, they have already planted 8000 trees in the local area.  Once activities start running again there will be opportunities to help plant the trees we’ve donated.

And that’s not all. We wanted to support some of the amazing local conservation organisations who do so much for wildlife and the environment. As we reach more and more votes we will pledge the following:

1000 votes – Adopt a Badger with Avon Wildlife Trust to support the vaccination programme to reduce the spread of bovine TB in badgers.

2500 votes – Adopt an animal with Bath City Farm. We will help to pay for food, vet bills, bedding and shelter to support the farms activities and engagement with the local community.  

5000 votes – Donate 100m2 of wildflowers to West Country Buzz creating a rugby pitch size wildlife habitat for Bumble Bees and other insects along the North Devon Coast.

6000 votes – Adopt Pepper the Humpback Whale with Whale and Dolphin Conservation. By helping to protect Pepper in her natural habitat, she will help protect the planet by capturing as much carbon as 30,000 trees.

You can find out more about the campaign and charities at

Francesco our SU President said “Voting in the officer elections is important. This year more than ever, the elected officers have been directly involved in the shaping of the University experience through such a challenging year. With our "Plant Your Vote" campaign, your vote means even more! The more people vote, the more we'll be able to support environmental causes in our local area and beyond. So, if you want to shape the community you're part of, as well as helping the environment, the only thing you have to do is to open your laptop during the voting period next week, and put in your vote for the officer elections"

Voting is now open Polling closes at 19:00 on Thursday 4 March. 


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