SU Community Awards 2019

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Winners of this year's awards

The annual SU Community Awards took place on Tuesday 2nd April at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, to celebrate the fantastic contribution student volunteers make within the community here at the University of Bath. Staff and students came together for the awards evening to mark the success of Hall Reps, Diversity and Support Groups, PAL Leaders and Peer Mentors.

Alisha Lobo, Community Officer, kicked off the evening with an emotional speech thanking students for their ‘phenomenal work’ over the past year within the SU community: “It has been a fantastic year with events being held across different halls, members of our student community being supported and important work being done to support the visibility and experience of our underrepresented groups on campus. I was incredibly proud to have worked with you all over the course of this year.”

A fantastic year for student nominations at the awards, volunteers came together from across all areas of the SU Community, to celebrate the excellent work volunteers do in the student body. Coming from a diverse range of backgrounds, and having a wide range of knowledge and skills, these students make an outstanding contribution to our Student’s Union here at Bath in supporting others to flourish.

From the 17 teams of 82 elected Hall Reps, 5 Hall Committees and 5 Hall Reps were shortlisted. They were praised for their efforts in creating a sense of community within their halls by delivering a wide range of events – from Christmas parties to pancakes – offering students the opportunity to socialise with their neighbours and build new friendships. They were also recognised for the high quality feedback they have given whilst representing their peers at Halls Forums throughout the year.

Student Minds and Nightline received Highly Commended and D&S Group of the year awards, respectively, for their outstanding service to the student community. Further, all Diversity and Support groups (D&S) – Gender Equality, LGBT+, Mature Students, Race Equality Group, Enable and the Erasmus and Exchange Network – were recognised for their dedication to creating a sense of community where their members can feel supported, connect with each other and create postive change. 

With over 1000 student mentors providing invaluable support to our student population, Peer Support rewarded nominated Peer Mentors of the Year and Lead Peer Mentors of the Year for actively enhancing the experience of first year students. Further, Jack Kitchen, Education Officer, awarded Peer Assisted Learning Scheme and Leader of the Year for outstanding contributing in education: “PAL undoubtedly has a huge impact on a student’s academic and personal development during their time at University. Our PAL Leaders continually go above and beyond to ensure that they run innovative, creative and interesting sessions to help their students’ progress.”

Staff at the SU would like to thank all students who took part in the awards for making the evening such a huge success. We would also like to thank all those students who make an outstanding contribution in creating the SU community through dedicated volunteering, representation, mentoring and support which is helping to build a strong community atmosphere within the University of Bath. 

Hall Reps

Hall Rep of the Year:  Alex Robinson

Hall Committee of the Year: Polden

Diversity & Support

Diversity and Support Volunteer of the Year: Patrick Taylor

Diversity and Support Group of the Year: Nightline

Peer Support

Peer mentor of the year: Louise Quaife

Lead Peer Mentors of the Year: Hester Gent and Imran Isa-Dutse.

PAL Scheme of the Year: Sports and Social Sciences

PAL Leader of the Year: James Mottram

Outstanding Contribution to Peer Assisted Learning: Alex Eales, Caroline Norman, Joshua Tenn, Katya Kowalski, Lily MacDonald and Vidhi Rupal.


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