Candidate for the position of Community Officer

About Me

I am a final year Politics and IR student. Originally from India, but having grown up around the Middle East, I have come to consider Bath, specifically the SU, a second home. I have campaigned on policies relating to opposing PREVENT, provision for refugee scholarships, #NeverOK, and the VC Pay. I’m always found on a Friday evening at Happy Hour (haven’t missed one in two years) debating policy, identity politics and foreign policy – my friends describe me as the ‘mother’ of the group with ‘no political chill’. I was also a FW captain and Lead Peer Mentor in my second year. This year I have been Freshers’ Week Event Manager and am currently Editor-in–Chief of Bath Time. I also deliver inclusivity and bystander training to students. My hope is that, should I be elected, I am able to take the work and experience that I have to the next level to represent the interests of students at Bath. Follow my campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat – alishaforcommunity. Vote Alisha for Community!

Top Priorities

  • Assess the possibility of living with elderly residents for subsidised rent to combat the student housing shortfall in Bath.
  • Encourage collaborative work between Diversity and Support groups to deliver campaigns and information sessions alongside other SU societies and University departments.
  • As an international student myself, improve the ease of visa checks and increase the visibility and provisions of the University rent guarantor scheme.
  • Launch a campaign addressing the stigma surrounding male mental health and run sessions on how you can support a friend with mental health issues.

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My name is Alisha Lobo and I am a final year politics and IR international student running to be your next Community Officer! In my second year I was Lead Peer Mentor, Freshers’ Week Captain and News and Comment Editor of bathimpact. After my placement in India, I was Freshers’ Week Events Manager for FW2017.  I also deliver ‘how to be inclusive’ and bystander training to students whilst also being Editor–in-Chief of Bath Time. Throughout my time here I have campaigned on housing, VC pay, opposing PREVENT and #NeverOK whilst also attending as many Happy Hours as possible.

As your next community officer, I hope to:

Diversity and Support

Continue to support and encourage D&S groups to work collaboratively on events, information sessions and run joint campaigns across campus alongside other societies within the SU and University departments i.e. LGBT/international students and mental health, ERASMUS and ISA etc.

Lobby to increase budgets for underfunded D&S groups

Provide training to media groups at the beginning of the year on how to cover D&S groups respectfully and effectively



Continue to support and increase the publicity of the work that volunteering groups do within the local community


International Students

Lobby the University to reduce the number of visa checks  

Improve the visibility and quality of the University rent guarantor scheme



Oppose any new plans for unaffordable student housing across Bath by the University, local council, and private developers

Work with the local council to assess the possibility of students living with elderly residents for cheaper rent to better address the shortfall of housing for students and loneliness amongst the elderly

Create an extensive housing report clearly outlining the SU position on the current provisions, costs, estate agent experience, quality of housing, and the overall student housing experience


Mental Health

Launch a campaign addressing the stigmas surrounding male mental health

Provide sessions on how to effectively support a friend or family member suffering from mental health issues


Town and Gown Relations

Introduce an active citizen award to encourage student involvement and engagement within the local community



Increase the visibility of faith groups on campus and the work that they do, especially during Freshers’ Week and a Faith Awareness Week during the year

Seek to improve their representation through the Socs Faith and Cultural rep also sitting on the D&S Exec and/or regular meetings with all of the chairs



Develop inclusivity strategies for each teams’ respective Welfare and Inclusivity Officer that are also in line with national governing bodies when necessary



Continue to increase the awareness of #NeverOK across campus and work to provide bystander training to as many students as possible

The SU has been a wonderful source of support, development, and fun during my time here at Bath, and I would love to be a part of giving back and improving the experience for you all.


Follow my campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat – Alisha for Community.

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