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Solidarity with the people of Iran

Solidarity with the people of Iran

The SU is offering sincere solidarity with the people of Iran who are standing against their government for justice and freedom.

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During the third week of demonstrations across Iran, we stand with all activists who are continuing to protest following the death of Mahsa Amini, and to oppose the state’s oppression of women, and citizens across the country. We share our deepest sympathy and anger in reaction to reports of severe police brutality faced by innocent protestors, including non-violent young people and students. We support the Iranian people’s right to demonstrate against violence and for human rights, without the risk of injury or being arrested. 

As an SU, human rights and gender equality are some of our core values and we will continue to support the rights of women and girls in the breadth of work that we do. We stand for the liberation of oppressed and under-represented groups and respect all those who take action to make our world less violent and more inclusive.  

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be working with our Feminism & Gender Equality Group and other groups of students to support the organisation of a demonstration that will show solidarity with the people of Iran and call for freedom and justice for women across the world. Please look out on our website and social media channels for further information on how to get involved. If you would like to register interest in assisting in the running of a demonstration, please email  

If you have been affected by the situation in Iran and would like to seek support, see below various sources of wellbeing support available to students: 

  • Wellbeing Support is available every day of the year by phone at 01225 383838, by video, or by email. 
  • You can also get confidential support via Be Well - Talk Now, a confidential service available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 
  • Personal advice and signposting are also available from The SU’s Advice and Support Centre
  • Chaplaincy staff are happy to talk with anyone who has been affected, in total confidence. Please email or contact Nigel Rawlinson. 

Do you want to read more about what is going on in Iran?  

Here is a selection of news sources that provide some additional perspectives – we recognise there will be many other resources to learn more from as well. 


Note: this article was edited 07/10/2022 at 17:35 after a group of interested students advised us to ensure we recognise that the issue of oppression in Iran goes wider than gender alone.


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